Criminal Background Check Miami

The prevention of giving firearms to those who have been criminally convicted, fugitives, and the dangerously mentally ill has prevented more than 2.4 million gun sales since 1994. That is a huge amount. There is no question that the most important thing that can be done to try to reduce gun violence is to make sure that in every state it is a requirement that anyone wanting to purchase a gun has to go through a background check.

An extremely high percentage of the American population including a high percentage of those who already own guns support having criminal background checks for gun purchases. Although the passage of amendments act has already been set in motion, there are some states that are taking a long time to update their information with the government to get the act put in place. At this current time the database that the gun shops will refer to is in complete. For this to be as successful as it can be the states that have not yet sent in their information need to update it as soon as possible.

There are many examples of people that have gone on to commit serious gun crimes, that due to the lack of information on their criminal record in the database they were not screened by the gun shop so they could not purchase a gun. For example the Virginia Tech Shooter killed 32 people, he was in fact barred by court from buying guns due to mental illness but because the state had not updated all their back ground information the gun shop did not know not to sell him guns.

It goes without saying that making background checks a requirement, will not prevent 100% of gun crimes that occur in the US. It is not a fact that someone who commits violent acts of crime using guns would be mentally ill, or have previously been in trouble with the law and so the requirement would not prevent these exceptions from purchasing guns. It also unfortunately does not prevent the exchange of guns from person to person as the law only requires gun shops to do background checks. There is not much can be done about this, but there government can and will try its best to stop the illegal sale of guns.

Without the states taking this seriously and without them passing on this information it leaves the system wide open for those who everyone agrees should not be in possession of guns to have guns. It unnecessarily endangers the population where they should be feeling safe. In the states where the background checks have been sent in this is the case and there are less gun crimes than before. There are still loopholes in the system that allows gun purchase without background checks, these need to be found and closed and a universal background check system needs to be implemented. Once this small step has been taken it will be the foundation for other more difficult ideas on gun crime presentation to take place.

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