DNA Paternity Test

If everyone knew the origin of their genes and understood the diversity of them would there be as much racism and prejudice around the world? Is our racial division due to a lack of understanding of what genes are and a lack of knowledge as to where we have actually come from? And if everyone did find out their origin would it actually make a difference?

The creation of the Human Genome Project stirred up ideas within scientists to use genetics to try to figure out an individual's ancestry. Even though it was originally created to search for the genetic coding for things like diseases and to from that hopefully find their cures/treatments.

On the 13th April, 2005 the National Geographic Society launched the Genographic Project. The aim of the project by the end is to have mapped out human migration patterns through history using DNA samples sent in by participants from around the world. They are able to determine the ancestral history from the paternal side (the haplogroup) potentially dating back for thousands of years, the maternal side which is the mitochondrial test, and also the autosomal DNA test.

Now, there are there DNA testing websites such as Ancestry DNA and MyHeritage DNA, but these concentrate solely on autosomal testing. Autosomal testing looks at other members of your family who have also been tested/who are already in the system to confirm the relationship that you may have with them. However, it may not go much further than that in regards to finding relatives who have not been in the database already. Autosomal tests also provide a less detailed version of an ethnic profile where it calculates to a percentage to probability of you being from a specific area. Although useful to some the lack of detail may not be helpful, as it cannot tell you the country exactly where you ancestors are from - considering borders change over time and DNA came way before the segregation of countries.

Think about it. There are billions of people around the world all of which have no more than a 0.5% range in their genes. That means for the rest of the percentage we are exactly the same. However many years you need to go back at some point it is certain that me and you, you and your neighbor, your neighbor and me and so on for everyone around the world share the same ancestor. The Y-DNA dates back to Africa for nearly all men today, and the mitochondrial DNA dates back to one women.

For some it is common knowledge that we all date back to Africa, but for others they have not been able to see past our difference in skin yet to understand we are all the same. DNA test or no DNA test we are all one.

DNA Paternity Test

DNA testing may be utilized to find missing girl

Authorities have mentioned that a DNA test will most likely be performed in order to determine the whereabouts of a missing girl. The DNA test will be used to validate if a baby girl earlier found this week at a church is the same baby girl officials have been vigorously looking for in three different states. Nevada Attorney General's office is overlooking the entire issue involving the parents and the baby in question, said Aaron Patty, a North Las Vegas Police Officer.

When Adam Laxalt, the spokeswoman for the State Attorney General was approached, she declined to comment, citing the matter as pending. The alleged mother and father of the baby, Octavia Jackson and Nicolios, have been put behind bars for failing to provide the necessary information about the missing baby girl who was given birth to in February. A background check Miami showed that the couple had previously lived in California. Both cases are being linked together even though the identity of the new-found baby is still unknown, according to Patty. The newfound baby is in protective custody, and she is in fantastic health and shape.

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