DNA Test

During summer the average number of work related accident increases significantly. In these situations it is very important for a company to firstly make sure that the individual involved is safe, and has been given the necessary treatment. Secondly, to determine whether any drugs or alcohol was involved by using post accident testing.

What does post-accident testing entail?

  • Within the first 32 hours of the accident the employee needs to be tested for drugs.
  • Within the first 8 hours of the accident the employee needs to be tested for alcohol.

These two steps need to be taken whether the accident was minor or major. Due to the fact that the company has full liability if the employee was driving they also need to sort out the means the employee will be driven to the testing centers. That be whether they hire a cab or drive them themselves. It goes without saying that until the test results are in and show as negative the person does not work.

As an employer it is both within your duty and your rights to test an employee for drug and alcohol abuse whether there has been a contributing accident or not. However, there are very strict procedures to follow if this is the case and they are as follows:

  • The supervisor needs to document reasons - As a supervisor you should know your employees normal behaviors. You should at least be able to determine behavior that is not normal. If a suspicion is made it needs to be fully documented as to why you believe the worked is under the influence. Giving details; dates, times and locations of the incidents.
  • Get a second opinion - In any situation like this it is important to get a second opinion. Get the opinion of another supervisor or manager and get them to write down their observations.
  • Speak to the employee - The unusual behavior could be down to a new set of medications; and their work can be adjusted accordingly. If the employee denies the issue this is when a drug tested can be applied for.
  • In Wisconsin DOT supervisory training is compulsory and trains managers to recognize the signs of drugs and alcohol abuse.

The consortium concentrates on a number of drug testing methods from urine to hair and finger nails. They also provide a number of other services like pre-employment tests, criminal background checks and supervisor training programs along with many other things.

It is very important for both your business, and your members of staff to make sure that any concerns on whether an employee is using drugs or alcohol is dealt with in the correct manner. And, if an accident has happened at work that that person is tested no later than 32 hours for drugs and 8 hours for alcohol. It can potentially help save both your business and the person.

DNA Test