DNA Testing For Baby Who May Be Missing Girl

DNA testing is the most advanced technology in determining the parentage of a person. In a paternity test, the probability of a parent correctly matching is 99.99% when they are biologically related. The test consists of swabbing cells on the inside of a cheek with a plastic or wooden stick and a piece of cotton on the tip. This is rubbed to collect as many cells as possible and are sent to the lab for testing. With paternity (and maternity) testing, child and parent samples are needed and analyzed for a match. This is the scenario taking place right now.

In the West Coast, authorities will perform a DNA test involving a female toddler who was found abandoned at a church recently. She is believed to be the same child that went missing and has been sought for in three different states. The Attorney General has ordered the test and with their probable parents, both of whom are currently in jail for refusing to cooperate with authorities about what happened to their child who went missing weeks ago. The child, who is healthy and in child services, is the current link but everything is still too early to call before the test can take place.

With humans, DNA testing is used to determine a child's genetic parents and biological relationship with other people. DNA testing identifies the person’s chromosomes, genes, and proteins. Different DNA tests has been formulated besides human identification, now used to find any abnormal chromosomes and mutations that can result in rare, inherited conditions plus the possibility of having certain cancers. These results can confirm any genetic condition which can then estimate the chances of it being passed on to another person.

There are various legal issues with DNA testing for paternity reasons based on each state. In case the test does not conform to the standards, a court-ordered test may take place for the test results to count under the law. This usually involves the issue of child support and formally identifying the father in any lawsuit. Take-home kits for paternity testing are available to buy, but results obtained from them cannot be used in a court of law. Parental testing results for legal reasons must be obtained through an accredited lab.

Real life cases such as the one referenced above is a sad occurrence but one that is usually handled with the use of DNA testing. It exonerates people from crimes and culpability and identities the remains of the deceased. With children and their parents, it gives a virtually accurate identity of who are the biological parents of the child, as the question is right now with the couple under arrest. This is no episode of Maury. This is a serious matter where the welfare of the child is more important than what happens to its abandoning parents.

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