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DNA Paternity Testing While Pregnant

If you require a paternity test before birth, ClearChek's professional services can help you get reliable results in a convenient manner. Clearly every women has a unique situation that is particular to her and we work to make sure that the testing fits your situation.

Paternity Test

Clearcheks paternity testing will let you know exactly who the biological is the biological father of a child. DNA has been certified as a reliable mechanism for analyzing the 2 half of the DNA that makes up every individual. The Forensic DNA Testing lab includes state of the art equipment and the latest medical techniques.

Top 5 Frequently Asked DNA Testing Questions

1. Can the existence of blood, sperm or semen be detected on an item of clothing or other materials? Testing can be done to determine the existence of blood, saliva, or semen on most objects. So the answer is definitely yes.

2. Are you able to get a DNA results from urine? Testing can be done to determine DNA from a urine sample. However, it is important to note that over time DNA will degrade in urine because of the agents within the urine itself.

3. Can you get DNA results from hair without the root? Getting DNA results from hair without the root requires a special test called the mitochondrial DNA Testing. The reality is mitochondrial genes exist in high amounts within every cell and are very helpful in successful DNA testing.

4. How much of an evidence sample is needed to obtain DNA results? This depends on the type and the condition of the sample. We specialize in extracting DNA from unusual and difficult forensic samples. Contact us to discuss the details involved with your case.

5. When you have a mixture of male/female sample material and no DNA profile can be obtained from traditional testing there is still away to mixture, but no male DNA profile was obtained from standard testing there is still a way to get the DNA profile. In these cases the Y-STR Testing can be used to get the mail profile. However, this does require a minimal amount of male DNA to be present.

Please note information from news and blogs are gathered from various sources and Clearcheks does not claim this information to be facts and are opinions of the writers. Hence, ClearCheks takes no responsibility for the content of these articles. Please call ClearCheks directly to confirm all information presented. Their professional staff is more than happy to assist you. 

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