Fingerprint Drug Testing

For years, the use of saliva or urine has become the standard for drug screening of the employees among various firms particularly in the construction industry. These methods usually take a lot of time, and not to mention, are intrusive and embarrassing for the employees as well as the conductors of the test.

A Better and New Way of Conducting Drug Tests

Intelligent Fingerprinting is introducing a better way to conduct drug testing in the construction industry. The new method offers a more convenient way of drug testing which will produce faster results and in a more sanitary process.

Whether it is for pre-employment screenings or for random and investigative testing – the new drug testing process can be used in all kinds of drug tests. The more convenient process can also be used in construction site and office environments.

About Intelligent Fingerprinting

Intelligent Fingerprinting is an off-shoot company of the University of East Anglia. The company has been operating since 2007 and is based in Cambridge. They have a total of at least 30 workforces.

The company has begun launching new drug test methods including portable and compact Drug Screening System since August 2017. The enhanced test method is currently directed towards the workplace and occupational health services as well as the criminal justice, offender management and drug rehabilitation services. But efforts are being made so that in the future both the homeland security and the healthcare sectors can use the method.

How Does Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Testing Works?

Intelligent Fingerprinting uses a modernized drug testing system. It involves the analysis of sweat samples taken from the fingerprint of the employees which can detect if a person has recently used amphetamines such as Speed, cannabis, cocaine and opiates.

The collection of fingerprint sweat samples is only a breeze. The test would only take five seconds with the actual results produced in as fast as eight minutes and that would already cover all the four major drug groups.

What Will Happen Should an Employee or Contractor Turns Positive for Drug Use?

A positive drug test result is considered a violation against the drug misuse policy of the company and the Health and Safety Regulations.

Should an employee or a contractor turns out positive for drug use during the initial screening, the Fingerprint Collection Kit for Laboratory Analysis would be utilized to gather more samples in order to confirm the result. This kit, which will be provided by Intelligent Fingerprinting, contains everything that the employers will need to securely send samples for further laboratory testing. The kit will also include postage-paid returns envelope, bar codes to protect the identity of the concerned employee or contractor and a tamper-proof security bag.

The employer will need to secure written consent from the contractor or employee prior to obtaining the two additional samples needed for further testing. Sometimes, a prescribed medication can interfere with the result of a drug test, and in this case a written declaration of the prescription medicine along with the written consent and samples will be needed.

Fingerprint Drug Testing

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