Gun Background Check

For the first time in thirty years the legislators in South Carolina have managed to increase the price of gas tax. They went into the meeting believing that due to the shorter amount of time that they had to complete their tasks they may not get their main issues solved but that was not the case. Their success did not stop there as they also managed to sort out the condition of their state pension scheme. Something that had been needing to be fixed for a while, even though it effects 1 in 9 South Carolinians.

The legislation for the increase of gas tax was passed so that the government will have enough money to fix the roads. Over the course of the year the cost will be going up by 2 cents at the pump until even-tually it is 12 cents this is as well as the already standing 16.75 cents per gallon.

The bills that were relating to guns and background checks of realtors were stopped in their tracks. There is a worrying loophole in the process of gun purchase that states that if after three days and a background check has not been completed on the applicant then the purchase of the gun by the appli-cant is allowed to go through. There are a few examples of this resulting in a fatality or multiple fatali-ties. One of which is that of Dylan Rood the Charleston Killer. Dylan Roof had a pending felony charge but due to his background check not being completed was allowed to buy a pistol a few months before he attacked a church in Charleston.

Some other bills that have been overlooked until the second year of the legislator’s meetings were:

  • The persons personal information; Full name, Social security number, D.O.B, and where applicable their drivers license information.
  • The legislators also looked to regulate abortions in South Carolina by changing the definition of what was originally classed as a human to now a fertilized egg was classed as a human. Meaning that after 12 weeks it would then be illegal to get an abortion as it could be classed as murder.
  • No new members of the State Ethics Commission had been appointed. Although the members have been chosen already the vote has not been made so they do not officially have their seats yet - the delay in this means that there has been no one to investigate any accusations that have been made against public officials. The delay in the vote is stirring talks of corruption.
  • No talks of how the next year will be budgeted and how the potential $8million is going to be spent. Having said that this needs to be done by the 1st July.

The legislators seem all too happy and celebratory at their accomplishments of passing the gas tax bill and the legislation on pensions. But, there are still many things still to discuss and either pass or fail by the end of the final discussion year.

Gun Background Checks