HR Technology

A newly developed HR technology is sending a buzz among the Human Resources community recently. The technology is expected to significantly change the game in the HR system special when it comes to background screening process. According to an article from the SHRM Society of Human Resources Management’s web site, the latest HR system is designed in order to make background screening smarter, faster and easier. The system developed by a background screening firm in San Francisco Ca, Employment Screening Resources (also known as ESR), is revolutionizing a better system for background screening. This is in response to more employers demanding a more seamless system for background screening.

The article entitled “Background Screening Goes with the Workflow” explains how HR technology makes it possible for background screening functions to be linked to an ATS or Applicant Tracking System. With the integration of the HR technology, the data of the job candidate will flow directly to the vendor when a background investigation is initiated. The results of the background investigation will be immediately stored under the candidate’s file in the ATS. Based on the same SHRM article, it has been identified that a few employers are using self-service candidate portals which will enable the applicants to type in their own information or data instead of relying on a recruitment official to do so. Using these self-service portals can help in making the processes smoother, eliminating unnecessary duplicate data entries, and improving the applicant’s overall experiences during the background check screening.

Screening expert Dawn Standerwick, who is also the Vice President of Strategic Growth for Employment Screening Resources remarked, “The shared goal is to create the best applicant experience possible, and, depending on the strength of the integration, the data that is collected by the ATS and is needed for the background check does pre-populate to our system in most cases.”

The integration of the newly-developed HR technology is expected to generally make the processes involved in the background screening more aerodynamic. Basically, the process starts by the time the candidates have accomplished the authorization forms and obtain the required disclosure forms along with their electronic signature. When the generated reports from the background screening are accomplished, any changes and actions made by the employers are already automated and can be done via the ATS. Given the considerable number of laws that are typically involved in the background screening process, it is also crucial to ensure adherence to the legal screening laws. The necessary consents, acknowledgements, and legal disclosures shall be provided by the HR technology. Everything must be automatically updated real time should change in the Federal and state requirements takes place.

While the laws that are involved in the background screening process can sometimes become complicated and confusing, ESR assures full compliance towards these laws. The processes involved in the ESR system are all automated and advanced. The system is updated constantly to ensure any changes necessary in the hiring and employment regulations will be readily reflected and applied.

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