PCS pushes forward with the drug test program

Following one year of talks with various school districts, top members of staff, legal team meetings, discussions with parents and meetings with a Pennysbug drug testing company representative, the Piqua City School district, on Thursday took the decision to push forward with the program to randomly test the students for drugs.

The Board of Education, with one voice, voted for the postponement of the three-reading rule of the policy on random drug testing program to enable proper planning and preparation by Superintendent Dwayne Thompson and the Principal of Piqua High School and Chip Hare, the Athletic Director, to disseminate the information to parents concerning the program.

The district has since the previous year been discussing with Great Lakes Biomedical, a firm that focuses on testing students and has up to 20 years of practical experience in the profession with outstanding results from about 130 to 140 schools in Ohio.

Kyle Prueter, the president of Great Lakes Biomedical clarified during the BOE’s meeting the there are two testings offered by Great Lakes which are:

  • 1. Random, where students would be selected based on a random number, similar to the lottery, and
  • 2. Draw the line, testing which occurs at a specified date.

About 5,000 new recipients of both Youth Allowance and Newstart Allowance would be tested for drug use and provided with corresponding treatments under this trial.

He indicated that the testing procedure is discreet and private.

The charges are based on the compounds that are tested for. For example, a five-panel test will try to find opiates, marijuana, cocaine, and any other two compounds selected by the district, for $15. They are also regarded as add-ons by Prueter, similar to the EIG alcohol test which a $20 test search for the remnant of Ethyl Glucuronide in the body on the third day of taking alcohol.

Apart from collaborating with Prueter, Thompson had a meeting with the Miami East Local School administrators, who have an authorized random drug testing program for about two years.

Frank Patrizio, a member of the BCE and a popular attorney, categorically stated in support of the program that the destructive effect of drug abuse is usually evident in his profession.

In a different business, the liaison for the auditor of state office offered a distinction Auditor of State award to the district, which was granted to public bodies that meet certain specifications of a monetary audit. Braiden commended the district for the great work by providing thorough details of every expense and also acknowledged Jeremie Hittle, the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer for his exceptional administration, entrepreneurial knowledge and dedication to financial honesty.

Jeremy Hittle indicated in the report that the district has been able to successfully achieve ten profitable years and moving towards completing the eleventh year. He additionally indicated that PCS has experienced adjustment of property throughout the financial year, which is also predicted to proceed as well as the income tax revenue which is anticipated to stay consistent. He also appreciated the public for authorizing the district’s five-year renewal operational levy by stating that the district’s strong financial state was as a result of their votes. He stated that they are currently in a wonderful state such that they are envied by many others.

A short presentation was offered by Meyer Restoration Inc’s Jeff Meyer concerning the restoration of the facade and the High School’s roof replacement project. The operations performed on the façade such as window caulking, damaged brick removal, cracked and degrading mortar removal, high-pressure cleaning and the application of water repellant. The roof area to be replaced is Area 2 covering the offices and common area. Meyer stated that the material used for roofing has a 20-year warranty and a service life of 35 years.

Darby Bubp and Cameron Brown from the 2018 valedictory class and Leanne Price, the Salutatorian alongside the Teacher of the Year, Stacy Patton and Beth Rosenkranz, the Support Staff Member of the Year.

On matters that concern personnel, the Assistant Principal of Springcreek Primary School, Ross Loudenback left his position to resume at a currently retired position vacated by Connie Steele. The k-6 literacy coach, Sara Watson will assume the role of the Assistant Principal. During the fall, a new face will also be introduced at the Piqua Central Intermediate School, where Kyle Cutnaw was employed as the new Assistant Principal throughout the school academic year of 2018 to 2019 and 2019 to 2020.


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