Volunteer Criminal Background Checks

Founded by Dan Radcliffe, the International Volunteer HQ or IVHQ was started with the main goal of making volunteering abroad more accessible to everyone interested. The company has been providing affordable and responsible volunteer programs since it was established in 2007.

The IVHQ is now working in over 35 destinations across the world and they have already sent thousands of volunteers abroad over the past years. In order to qualify to be part of the International Volunteer HQ program for volunteers, the volunteer applicants are obliged to comply with the criminal background check at the IVHQ partner organization. This criminal background check prerequisite is part of the IVHQ Travel Policy for “Responsible Volunteer”as well as the organization’s “Child Protection Policy”.

The criminal background check is necessary to check a volunteer’s background and to ascertain whether or not a volunteer applicant have had any recorded felon or criminal offense in the past. The background check must be submitted in English. In case the background check cannot be submitted in the English language, IVHQ will require that the original check document should be submitted along with a translation in English and it should be done by either a professional translations service or a notary public. The background check should also be issued within 12 months of the applicant’s program start date.

The length of processing time involved may vary, which is why IVHQ applicants should ensure that they allow enough time allowance for the acquisition of the needed documents. In addition, some IVHQ program partner organizations may require that the background check should be provided before the volunteers’ arrival in the country. At this point it is wise to comply the background check requirements well in advance before the target date of going abroad.

It is very important to note that every IVHQ program partners and providers will have varying requirements regarding the information needed or to be supplied for as part of the background check, the prices and the expected amount of processing time. IVHQ has worked hard to ensure that each of our program partners will render quality service. Although the IVHQ shall not take full liability for the timelinessand qualityof the completed report produced by these program partners. The following is the list of criminal background check program partners for the corresponding nationalities. Check out these companies’ provided website to get more details and information about their background check services. For those nationalities not found in the list, please do contact your designated IVHQ Program Manager or your locally designated police department.

  • United States – SentryLinkWebsite:
  • Canada – BackCheck Website:
  • United Kingdom – Website:
  • Australia – InterCheckAustralia Website:
  • New Zealand – Website:
  • France – Website:
  • China – The background check application should be done personally. Volunteer candidates should proceed to their designated local Public Security Bureau for a personal application for a “Certification for No Criminal Record”. Aside from this, the applicant must submit an application to their notary office for a necessary certification basing from the secured document from the PSB. Please remember that the document should be presented in English.

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